EDS 113 Module 3D: Teachers’ problems with self assessment

There is a serious lack of alternative forms of assessment in today’s classrooms that could be blamed on the unpopularity of creative approaches in teachers. Perhaps the latter are forced to resort to less than creative means due to institutional pressure and tradition. An example of an yet widely used measure is self- assessment.

Lack of knowledge about alternative forms of assessments such as this possibly hamper its usage in classes. Teachers (and students) may have a good few concerns about leaving highly prized final grades to students, while some students lack the confidence to rate themselves or their classmates.

Intellectual independence and a critical mind ties closely with the ability to accurately asses the self. while teachers may claim that such learner traits are developed in their classrooms anyway, then what seems to be the problem? A huge and hard to penetrate hurdle is the culture of distrust between institutions and students. Students may feel the same way, but teachers generally aren’t too confident either of their students’ capability to critique and analyze.

Personally, I think teachers need to get exposed and professionally educated on other types of assessments that are pragmatic, applicable, executable and sustainable. It is only deserving of students to be offered the best possible form of incorporation in their classes through the practice of more practical but intelligent testing and measures such as self- assessments. Not only does it foster higher order thinking, but could actually be exciting, too. Win- win.

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