EDS 103 Module 3B: Role Models table

Models and Mentors in My Life

My Models and Mentors

Role Models and Mentors Their Contributions
Mother She has instilled that a strong personality is resilient to challenges in life
Step- father Has shown me incredible intelligence that I aspired to have: etiquette, manners, class, worldliness
Friend and former manager She has demonstrated to me that a Filipino female can thrive against a predominantly Caucasian –biased teaching industry abroad

The Type of Role Model I Want to Be for My Students.

1.      A view of fairness and justice, respect for others’ ways and means
2.      Being open minded and anti- bigotry
3.      An equal gender view
4.      The importance of lifelong learning
5.      The emphasis on the power of character strength and independence


How I Will Incorporate Models and Mentors in My Classroom?
In teaching ESL in Southeast Asia, I feel that it would be of great help to put a successful immigrant local child into a classroom of learning students of English as a model. This model would be completely relatable, and this puts the abstract purpose of learning another language in perspective. A model like this could be applied whenever I can; a sort of a guest speaker- resource person. An open forum could be held and students may ask about the child’s path to success in another land, and how he/she was able to conquer challenges.

Whenever this is not possible, another model that can be applied is to invite a native English speaker friend who is also a relatable and a highly amiable person. He may serve as a guest demonstration partner in showcasing a Demo Day, where the teacher and students can participate in a demonstration, interviewing/ interrogating/ dialogue-ing with the guest in front of the class.

As you can see, these model formats are not a constant fixture in the class, but only as an invited figures. In this case, then the modeling could be continued to carried out by the teacher (myself) after the models have left the class for their appearance. They may only serve as inspirations and a figure the teacher and the students can refer back to even after the appearance in class, as a case study when practical issues and questions are encountered.

Who Will Be My Education Mentor? What Would My Ideal Education Mentor Be Like?
A person I have so much respect for was a friend and a former manager I had the pleasure of working with in Vietnam teaching English to young and adult students. She was female, which is a rarity in managerial positions that is dominated by young White Westerners, which also means she was the supervisor to a whole team of native- English speakers. She is a highly respected teacher in the school, and is also valued for her consultation services.

I have considered her a mentor as I still contact the person to ask questions to, to consult difficulties I might be having professionally, and seek her interpretation of certain scenarios that confuses me, aside from being a truly good friend to me. I believe she has considerable experience as she had been teaching for 2 decades now, and I trust her to offer me sound judgment. She has a lot of best practices to share with me, and she doesn’t scrimp on straight and unbiased critique. She is also highly intelligent as she has been trained in the US and in other countries, and have trained teachers herself in the Philippines and Vietnam.

I have worked with her and seeing the response of both the parents and the students to her work, I would definitely consider her excellent and passionate at her job, something all of us current and future teachers can learn. The results of the product of her work demonstrate what kind of teacher I would want to be.


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