Module 1 Reflection: What kind of a student am I?

As my first entry under EDS 111 and in my eJournal, allow me to be generic for now. This module asks to talk about myself, and to reveal what kind of learner am I. As boring as the results can be, I did find out supporting truths and a few extremes about me as a huge procrastinator (I got a 59 in the Time Management Skills Test), poor time manager but a very self aware individual.This is quite a paradox, but really, who isn’t one?

I can personally see that it is glaringly counter-intuitive to report a high level of awareness on why I am bad in time management, or why I can never delegate tasks, while strictly keeping a planner every year. I am a such a nitpicker in many aspects of my life and the affairs around it, but why, you might ask, can I never change into a better scheduler?

I already know the answer: because this WORKS for me, procrastination has been effective to knock out my mound of tasks. I have almost always, somehow, able to keep an avalanche up when it is ready to blow out of control. Does it feel good when I cram? No. And I hate to say this, but that is perhaps the only bad thing about it.

Every body has something that works for them. Instead of looking for “study solutions”, one must leave other people to find their own size, what fits them, what’s comfortable, what works.

Personally, I don’t see anything to change if one is a procrastinator like myself, as long as it works and one continues to be effective. Why change something that works? If one should ask, maybe the only thing I’ve been doing about it is “hassle- mitigation” during cramming. Essentially trying to better the process. I try to pace better, delegate and assign, and slowly spread out goals, and this might be the perfect time to apply the above as a distance learner. Looking back, I have anticipated this as I was about to pay at PNB, and I know after I have made that payment I have silently promised that I will, and have to do better as soon as I am student. This time I have decided that I want to study, and my purpose couldn’t be more clearer to me.


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